Rising through the mist, he stood there. Head to toe splattered with blood, tears rolled down his face, watering down the river of the dead. Looking at the sky he thought of him. Was he out there somewhere waiting for him or had he already entered the realm of Hades? He had to find him, shelter him, protect him. Walking forwards, the only form of motivation that he could muster was seeing him again. Weakened, he pushed on, his sword becoming his crutch. Looking at the old letter, he tucked it back into his sleeve as another wave of men approached. With a roar, he swung wildly, cutting down warriors like daisies. He needed to end this war. He needed him to be safe. To allow him to live in peace, he needed to become a human guillotine. That was the only way that they could see each other again. He wanted to see him so much, it hurt. Slumped on his pile of corpses, he closed his eyes. Exhausted, he struggled to stand. Achingly, using his sword as a cane, he began to move. He needed to find him. Would he even still be alive? He did not know, but he had hope. Both men found the strength to keep walking as if guided by fate. Angels were leading them, allowing them their final wish – to see each other again. In this world love was hard to find; but theirs was golden. Staggering closer, they both spotted a figure on the horizon. Their movements were weak and weighted with physical and emotional fatigue, but still they remembered their wish. Inching together, higher powers granted them a miracle. Falling into the arms of his beloved, they fell to the ground. Tight embraces, caresses filled with tears of relief, kisses powered by the strength of their reunion. The impossible had been done. On this vast battlefield, two loving hearts had found each other. Both broken, they pieced together what they could, coming to find the strength to hold their heads high. Lying together on the mud sodden ground, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Now that they had come together as one, they could conquer anything. The war was over, their obligations to the king fulfilled. A bloody peace passed over the land and even the most gruesome of corpses seemed to smile as a beautiful sunrise shone through the clouds. Stumbling back towards their kingdom, the pair left to complete their final mission – the joy of growing old together.

Published by Hannah Rachel

I am a Writer from the North West of England with a passion for books, writing, art and everything creative.

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