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I Have Too Many Books! Book-buying ban and shopping my shelves

So I decided to count my books the other day – and the number was larger than I thought. And more importantly – the number of books I’d read were not as many as I would have liked. So I am implementing a buying books ban on myself until I have worked through more of my own shelves.

What I read in 2022

So hello again from the other side of the new year! I decided to try a video without a backing track this time so let me know if you guys like that or if you prefer the music. I thought I would go through all of the books that I read in (some of) 2022 since I started…

NaNoWriMo? Tried but didn’t ‘succeed’

So this blog post is going out incredibly late due to the chaos that is Christmas and Retail – but I tried out the NaNoWriMo challenge in the month of November and didn’t succeed in my goal. Will I ever reach the goal of finishing my book? And what will I do if I get there?

New House, New Room, New Upload | Imagination Mansion

Apologies for the long wait – I moved house and then work increased so this unfortunately got put on the back burner. As you can tell, we have Wi-Fi now (it was fitted at the end of September which is how long ago this video was filmed… sorry about the wait once again) so uploads should go back…

I found something special | Charity Shop Haul + catch up

So I went to a charity shop the other day and I found Matching Series Books that I read when I was younger and got very excited – and some clothes and some stationary. I am also in the process of editing my children’s novel and it is taking me a while but I’m getting there. So if…

A mini Stationary Haul, Painting, and reshelving my Books

Hello and welcome back to Imagination Mansion! I did some stationary shopping and thought I would show what I got, as well as a little painting time-lapse and showing the remnants of my Book Collection Video as well as shelving my books. Hope you enjoy!

Writing streak on 4TheWords

4thewords is a website that has monster battles for writing streaks and is apparently the only way that I can motivate myself to write nowadays 😅

Daily Log: 07.02.2022 | Lyric Writing and Music Study

Another study log – I’m on a roll. But I am trying to stick to my limits with this and making sure I don’t do what I did last year and do a load of work, burnout then have zero inclination to do anything for months. I think that having goals and loose schedules seems to be working…

Daily Log 01/02/2022 – Notion editing & Music Theory note-taking

Just a little timelapse log of my Tuesday where I was feeling pretty productive and got a fair amount done. Done a bit of introspection and realised that I started this channel to try and hold myself accountable so that what’s what I’m going to do. So if it does its job, then future logs should contain more…

Happy (belated) New Year!

post simply because November and December seemed to just bring about a stream of issues and setbacks (and Christmas wasn’t one of them hilariously). But a lot of stuff happened all at once and so I didn’t have the time, resources, or energy to post a video or write a blog entry due to it all.

Gamification Planning for my Bullet Journal

So this video is a bit different to what I usually do: Skill Unlocked – Voice-over But I also watched a video on Gamification as a way to try and get through life and so I thought I would give it a go – I’ve also always wanted to have a go at bullet journalling so this was…

Weekly Vlog 8 | Broken tripods, Autumnal vibes, and a mini Book haul

Sorry that this video ended up being late, my editing kept getting put on hold for one reason or another but that’s life I suppose. I tried to film some good shots in this video because *Autumn* Hope you enjoy! Feel free to like, comment and subscribe – and share if you liked it! Social media: @babyfrog96

Weekly Vlog 5 | Sketchtober, Anxiety, and a Stationary haul

So this week has been a bit of a stressful week for no reason whatsoever except my brain being mean. But I tried to put some stuff together and get better with adding stuff in to make the time-lapses a bit more interesting and to add more info into them. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Vlog 3 | Painting and Story time

Once again, a late video – but at least the weekly term still applies!! This week I’m back up at my parents’ house for birthdays and I managed to squeeze in some filming – though I’m still awkward talking to camera when people are around so sorry for the tiny talking segment compared to my first video. But…

Weekly Vlog: Attempt 2, Timelapse Boogaloo

So week two was almost worse than week one in terms of staying on schedule – as seen from the Sunday upload instead of the Friday (though I was travelling for this one) but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Weekly Vlog | Study, Reading, and New Routines

So I’ve started another new system of trying out weekly vlogging. This one may have not gone completely to plan (damn my nocturnal nature) but I will be back again next week, hopefully having stuck to my timetable better.

Getting back into Painting in Watercolours

So I went to my parents house for a few weeks and while I have the house to myself for the weekend, I thought I’d do something that I haven’t done for ages: Paint! I haven’t used watercolour in a long time and so I’m a little rusty but I still had a lot of fun!

A Spontaneous Book Haul

This was all a bit sudden and so if it’s waffly, I got excited about being home alone – as shown by me using my ‘nobody’s home inside voice’ XD Hope you like it! Books mentioned in the video: The Hollow Crown – Dan Jones. Why does E=MC (squared)? – Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. Windsor Castle -…

A New Start and a Fresh Perspective

So I’ve decided to be a bit more free with my content and my filming so that I can actually enjoy what I am making again (and I was too broad with my previous videos so I may make more nuanced versions of them in the future) but for now I am making sure to have fun.

World-building Episode 1 (Video)

So I have been AWOL for a bit as I tried to come up with new content and I’ve come up with a new series where I walk you through how I world-build and you can contribute too by adding comments on what you want to be included in future episodes.

How I plan my stories

So I thought that I would go through how I plan my novels (and uni fiction works) to show off one of the many ways that it can be done (and also that all are valid cos mine is pretty odd)

Rekindling Creativity

Today I wanted to go through some tips on an issue that a lot of us are probably struggling with right now – lack of creativity. I hope you find these tips useful

Building a Story: Characters

So I am calling this series Building a Story and this is episode one where I discuss how I build my characters and what should be kept in mind when creating your own.

I am a Writer

I have a new video up on my YouTube channel talking about my plans for both my writing and future videos.

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