Opiate Promises

Opium and ink spilled by her feet as she stared at the apparition by the window. There, hovering like a firefly, a spectre danced on the breeze. The window flew open and allowed its enchanting melody to enter the room as it came closer.
“I have come for you youngling. Come away with me; come away to a world where time stands still and love is free”
She closed her eyes as the song continued, its words washing over her. The spectre’s proposition was so tempting. What did she have to lose? Her mother didn’t love her, her father treated her like a doll and her sister, her only friend, had left her alone in this castle of stagnant emotions.There was nothing for her here. She was frail, fragile and always alone. So she took a step towards the window.
“If I go with you, will I really have love?” she asked the spectre. It smiled,
“Boundless love. One unrestricted by this mortal realm of rules and regulations. The love will be unstained and precious – just as it was always intended” it promised her and beckoned again. Water spilled down her cheeks and she struggled with her words.
“Where will you take me?” she paused by the open pane. The spectre extended its hands to her,
“To the land of the Fae, the realm where you will be protected; where you will be at peace at last. Where you will know love at last”.
She stepped onto the windowsill and smiled, the wind catching her hair and pulling at her nightgown. Love, protection, peace. This would be a fairy-tale come true. And she would leave nothing behind.
“Please, take me there. Take me with you” The spectre hovered and beckoned to her,
“Then come to me”
Reaching out to the spectre with arms outstretched, she jumped.

Published by Hannah Rachel

I am a Writer from the North West of England with a passion for books, writing, art and everything creative.

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