Book Review of The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

 The Girl of Ink and Stars is a story of a child’s adventure into an unexplored world with nothing but her heart and the stars to guide her. It is a tale of friendship, family, danger and a hint of magic.  The main character is a girl named Isabella who has always dreamed of theContinue reading “Book Review of The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave”

Harmony, symphony and Starlight

We danced upon the ocean And swam among the clouds Dreams and visions enlightened and submerged The water was living within your gaze The sky was in mine As separate as day and night And just as joined Reaching towards the moon Whilst hiding from the sun Its light is too bright for me toContinue reading “Harmony, symphony and Starlight”

Beauty in damnation

There is beauty in damnation. The purity of corruption and the childishness of sin. Looking for the next problem to pull ourselves closer to the darkness. Closer to home. Vanity is beauty Damnation is pride The two are so closely linked that they are often intertwined. One was the fallen Icarus. The other shining Narcissus.Continue reading “Beauty in damnation”

The Siren

The beeping was intense; she couldn’t open her eyes from the pain. One, two, three minutes later, just as she thought her head was going to explode, it stopped. She almost preferred the siren. Eerie silence rang out in the room and down the ward. Easing herself upright, she stood from her bed on shakyContinue reading “The Siren”

Level One

“You won’t touch her again if you know what’s good for you!” He yelled, holding the woman behind her. The woman in question groaned and tried to pull her boyfriend back into the pub. “Come on Sam, don’t start” Sam shrugged her off and stared me down. “I didn’t touch anyone!” I shot back, andContinue reading “Level One”

Hell’s Companion

“Only you can run. They stay with me forever. This is the price you pay for dancing with the Devil. Every action has a consequence and this is yours. Say your farewells. You will never see them again. Now run away. Or I’ll keep you too.” Hell’s not too bad. I’ve been here for overContinue reading “Hell’s Companion”

Opiate Promises

Opium and ink spilled by her feet as she stared at the apparition by the window. There, hovering like a firefly, a spectre danced on the breeze. The window flew open and allowed its enchanting melody to enter the room as it came closer. “I have come for you youngling. Come away with me; comeContinue reading “Opiate Promises”

Little Bird

  Little bird – you sit there and watch me, day and night. Each day I test my little theory that you’re there to watch only me. Pacing across the room, to and fro; others do the same without prompt. Your tiny black eyes follow me alone, ignoring the rest. I’ve read about similar thingsContinue reading “Little Bird”