It’s spooky season so time for some Halloween reading recommendations

It is the Halloween season πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ So I thought I would trawl my bookshelves to see what spooky books I could recommend to read over this season πŸ“š

October Book Haul

So I’ve been in a few bookshops this October and thought I’d show you what I picked up! Christy Anne Jones’ YouTube: Darling Desi’s YouTube: Music by Eann Grimm Edited in Premier Pro

Weekly Vlog 8 | Broken tripods, Autumnal vibes, and a mini Book haul

Sorry that this video ended up being late, my editing kept getting put on hold for one reason or another but that’s life I suppose. I tried to film some good shots in this video because *Autumn* Hope you enjoy! Feel free to like, comment and subscribe – and share if you liked it! SocialContinue reading “Weekly Vlog 8 | Broken tripods, Autumnal vibes, and a mini Book haul”

Book Review of Oz by Bobbie Darbyshire

So I said that I wouldn’t write reviews for fiction because it would hinder the experience of getting lost in a book – and going into a book wanting to review it is still something I won’t do. But this one, that I found today in the bargain box due to a slightly damaged spine,Continue reading “Book Review of Oz by Bobbie Darbyshire”

Weekly Vlog 6 | Sketches galore, New Books, and a Venture Outdoors

So after last week, I felt a lot more comfortable talking to the camera and even went on a trip outside and vlogged in a cafe (ish) Hope you enjoy the video – like, comment and subscribe if you did! It means a lot to me ^_^

Book Review of The Hollow Crown by Dan Jones

The Hollow Crown is the second book that I have read by Dan Jones (and I have just bought his new book Power and Thrones which I am very much looking forward to reading), the first being the Plantagenets, which I fully enjoyed.  Having also watched his series Great British Castles (many times) which heContinue reading “Book Review of The Hollow Crown by Dan Jones”

Book Review of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

 The Great Gatsby is a fantastic piece of literature. As soon as I read this book I fell in love with it; the plot, setting, characters, and everything else. The main reason I think as to why I took to this book so quickly was the fact that I found myself comparing myself with theContinue reading “Book Review of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald”

Book Review of Delicious! by Ruth Reichl

 Delicious! is a story where the narrator, a young woman named Billie, joins the ragtag team from a cookery magazine as an assistant writer. Whilst doing her job she meets new people and also discovers letters between a young girl and a past editor of the magazine dating from World War II. As the storyContinue reading “Book Review of Delicious! by Ruth Reichl”