Weekly Vlog 8 | Broken tripods, Autumnal vibes, and a mini Book haul

Sorry that this video ended up being late, my editing kept getting put on hold for one reason or another but that’s life I suppose. I tried to film some good shots in this video because *Autumn* Hope you enjoy! Feel free to like, comment and subscribe – and share if you liked it! SocialContinue reading “Weekly Vlog 8 | Broken tripods, Autumnal vibes, and a mini Book haul”

The First Letter

 Dear Nadia,  It is raining again today. I wonder if it was a sign. That the world was so sad that the sky started crying. But that’s just the suppressed poet in me I guess. What else can I say? It was a sad day. Alma was crying at first but by the time weContinue reading “The First Letter”


Dream of clear skies Dream of daisies Dream of the field of happiness that never ends  Let the dream of light and hope wash over you Cling onto it in your darkest moments Let it remind you that times were bright once And they will be again Let the smell of roses and wildflowers fillContinue reading “Dream”

We ran through the trees

 We ran together through the trees. So far away from everything that could cause us harm, we were free. There were no parents to call us home for tea, no bullies to steal our pencil cases. Just the trees, the wind, you and me. It was perfect. Sitting by the old oak in the centreContinue reading “We ran through the trees”

I Am Myself

I don’t exist I am a phase I am a mistake I am confused I’m too young I’m a freak I’m frigid I am trying to trend I am trying too hard I’m a fake I’m a fraud I don’t make sense I can’t choose I’m not welcome I’m an outcast I exist This isContinue reading “I Am Myself”

Let me live this lie

Look me in the eye and tell me everything will be okay. I don’t care if it’s a lie. I don’t care that the world is crumbling around us. I just want to hear you say it. We’re going to be okay. If I don’t hear it, I cannot fight. And I refuse to goContinue reading “Let me live this lie”

Harmony, symphony and Starlight

We danced upon the ocean And swam among the clouds Dreams and visions enlightened and submerged The water was living within your gaze The sky was in mine As separate as day and night And just as joined Reaching towards the moon Whilst hiding from the sun Its light is too bright for me toContinue reading “Harmony, symphony and Starlight”

Together Forever

You have always been destined to destroy me. We knew from the beginning. It was fated by my heart and yours. But still I stayed by your side in the hope that our fortune would change. Here we are; covered in blood and screaming – leaving this world as we joined it. It matches usContinue reading “Together Forever”