Rotten Peach

The end of the road was clear now. Where was I going? Who knows. Just, away. Away from here, away from them. Away from her. She had ruined me. Ruined everything I ever had, ever knew and ever was. I was an old temple. Once tall and mighty, worshipped and beautiful. And now I was nothingContinue reading “Rotten Peach”


 She was drifting away from me again. Her voice; her face; her memory. They were fading rapidly. I clung onto them in desperation. I had promised her that I wouldn’t forget her but her image was blurring around the edges, memories slipping through my finger. I almost didn’t recognise the girl that looked at meContinue reading “Memory”

The First Letter

 Dear Nadia,  It is raining again today. I wonder if it was a sign. That the world was so sad that the sky started crying. But that’s just the suppressed poet in me I guess. What else can I say? It was a sad day. Alma was crying at first but by the time weContinue reading “The First Letter”

The Shuttle Hanger

The shuttle hanger loomed over the river. A hideous stain on the land of their fathers, her mother had remarked. But Lila had always felt drawn to it because of one main reason. All the bodies of metal within the hanger’s walls had been in space at least once.  They had visited the stars.  LilaContinue reading “The Shuttle Hanger”

The Siren

The beeping was intense; she couldn’t open her eyes from the pain. One, two, three minutes later, just as she thought her head was going to explode, it stopped. She almost preferred the siren. Eerie silence rang out in the room and down the ward. Easing herself upright, she stood from her bed on shakyContinue reading “The Siren”

Artificial Hearts

The reason for many of the trials within the world is that of the human heart. It is fickle and fragile and at the slightest inconvenience it skips a beat. Weak as it is, it can also push through the greatest of tragedies and keep its owner moving long past its time. Fascinating, is itContinue reading “Artificial Hearts”

A Mother’s Canvas

The inkblot dried up into the paper and she watched the colours change.  Blue. Black. Red.  The crying was growing louder but she couldn’t help. She had to do this. She had no choice. Grey. Green. Orange.  The colours blended and swirled, the paint’s fragrance filling the room. Tears streaming and her mind swimming, sheContinue reading “A Mother’s Canvas”