Rotten Peach

The end of the road was clear now. Where was I going? Who knows. Just, away. Away from here, away from them. Away from her. 
She had ruined me. Ruined everything I ever had, ever knew and ever was. I was an old temple. Once tall and mighty, worshipped and beautiful. And now I was nothing but rubble, overgrown and lost forever. 
I had to get away. Run walk swim. Whatever I had to do. I had to leave her. Leave it all behind. Maybe I would find myself at the end of the road. My new self. A better self. A self that wouldn’t fall for her lies, her bitterness, her beauty. 
That is what I had been when I met her. I believed everything that she said, blessed the air that she breathed. She was my everything. I didn’t realising that she was slowly poisoning me until it was too late. I was sick, filled with darkness, infiltrated by shadows. Shadows that she had spawned. 
So I run into the light hoping that it will cleanse me. But the bitterness and the sadness. Not even time can seal these wounds. They run too deep. They run right through me, shoulder to hip. The scar will stay glaring and red for as long as I remember. 
And I cannot forget. I loved her for her beauty, and that beauty is why I hate her. The pretty curls, gloss, and bashful smile hid the rotten peach that lay beneath the surface. 
That’s what I am. To have stood in her presence and stayed by her side, ignoring the whispers of truth surrounding me, it made me ugly. Hideous. I can never return to them. They’ve seen my ugliness beside her beauty. And my face. My smile as I told them that everything was fine. I was fine. She was fine. Everything was going to be okay. Disgusting.  I can never look in the mirror. I’ll see a rotten peach. That’s all I was in the end, rotten. Just as rotten as her. Festering and melting into the sinful world that she created, that she dragged me into. But I fell willingly.
Because she was beautiful.

Published by Hannah Rachel

I am a Writer from the North West of England with a passion for books, writing, art and everything creative.

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