She was drifting away from me again. Her voice; her face; her memory. They were fading rapidly. I clung onto them in desperation. I had promised her that I wouldn’t forget her but her image was blurring around the edges, memories slipping through my finger. I almost didn’t recognise the girl that looked at meContinue reading “Memory”

The First Letter

 Dear Nadia,  It is raining again today. I wonder if it was a sign. That the world was so sad that the sky started crying. But that’s just the suppressed poet in me I guess. What else can I say? It was a sad day. Alma was crying at first but by the time weContinue reading “The First Letter”

The Ultimate Regret

The cell was empty. Except for the chair. The walls were white and bare; the floor metal and stained, a singular bulb hanging from the ceiling. Air circulated around the room with a strong stench of sweat and petrol, filtering out of the small window that led onto the motorway. A dull thrum of theContinue reading “The Ultimate Regret”