Together Forever

You have always been destined to destroy me. We knew from the beginning. It was fated by my heart and yours. But still I stayed by your side in the hope that our fortune would change. Here we are; covered in blood and screaming – leaving this world as we joined it. It matches usContinue reading “Together Forever”


There is a man on the road. He is running. Is he being chased? I don’t know. But he keeps running. Running like his life depends on it. Running fast. I don’t know why that man is running. He looks scared. Very scared. There’s something following him. Something big. Something scary. I’m safe inside. ButContinue reading “Limbo”

A Broken World

Humanity has fallenTragedy has risen up strongHow many more need to be sacrificed To the monster who is misunderstanding What cost will be high enough To stop the pain and the hatred There seems to be no end to the terror Hidden within the human heart What will be the turning point To heal theContinue reading “A Broken World”