Weekly Vlog 5 | Sketchtober, Anxiety, and a Stationary haul

So this week has been a bit of a stressful week for no reason whatsoever except my brain being mean. But I tried to put some stuff together and get better with adding stuff in to make the time-lapses a bit more interesting and to add more info into them. Hope you enjoy!

Life in your eyes

Running with life in your eyes, it’s dangerous. You never know who wants to take that happiness from you. But they won’t use it well. They twist it, morph it – change it into something they can use. That pure happiness becomes burning rage, hate, anger. They can handle these with their poisoned hands andContinue reading “Life in your eyes”

Thoughts of a Procrastinator

What am I even doing with my life? I am sat here; my brain is ticking over but the cogs won’t turn. I am stagnant, unmoving. Not a single productive thought will enter my brain yet I still helplessly push at the cogs. The world blurs around me as I bathe in my sense ofContinue reading “Thoughts of a Procrastinator”