October Book Haul

So I’ve been in a few bookshops this October and thought I’d show you what I picked up! Christy Anne Jones’ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/aileaux Darling Desi’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DarlingDesi Music by Eann Grimm Edited in Premier Pro

Demons live inside my head

Demons live inside my head  And tell me what to do The order that they gave in time  Was to dispose of you  The demons living in my head  They speak in tongues unknown They snuck inside my brain one day  And made themselves at home The demons hiding in my head They have anContinue reading “Demons live inside my head”

Sinking Souls

Sink into the water And float on the darkness Let your life float up in bubbles As you drop into the arms of the abyss Monsters exit their deep caves to feast Your arms, legs, eyes All become fodder for these elder gods Dropping deeper into the blue Soulless and unafraid The demons in yourContinue reading “Sinking Souls”

Level One

“You won’t touch her again if you know what’s good for you!” He yelled, holding the woman behind her. The woman in question groaned and tried to pull her boyfriend back into the pub. “Come on Sam, don’t start” Sam shrugged her off and stared me down. “I didn’t touch anyone!” I shot back, andContinue reading “Level One”

Hell’s Companion

“Only you can run. They stay with me forever. This is the price you pay for dancing with the Devil. Every action has a consequence and this is yours. Say your farewells. You will never see them again. Now run away. Or I’ll keep you too.” Hell’s not too bad. I’ve been here for overContinue reading “Hell’s Companion”