Book Review of The Celts by Alice Roberts

So I waited to read this book for no good reason, it was just one of those things. But I’m glad I got around to it because this book is brilliantly written and excellently put together. Alice Roberts really looks at all the practical, rather than ’emotional’ evidence which is out there in the worldContinue reading “Book Review of The Celts by Alice Roberts”

Level One

“You won’t touch her again if you know what’s good for you!” He yelled, holding the woman behind her. The woman in question groaned and tried to pull her boyfriend back into the pub. “Come on Sam, don’t start” Sam shrugged her off and stared me down. “I didn’t touch anyone!” I shot back, andContinue reading “Level One”

Celestial Guardians

Angels are watching over you, Singing you to sleep They wipe your tears on the bad days, Pat your shoulder on the good They aren’t all powerful But they try their best to protect us Not everyone heeds the angels Some souls being so pained that Not even angelic voices can cure their sorrows AngelsContinue reading “Celestial Guardians”

The Duty of The Sirens

They sing to her, the Sirens. She knows not why she can hear their cry. Surely it was only the men that they lured to their deaths. Entranced, she followed the beautiful song and gazed up at the woman perched on the edge of the cliff. The tune was sorrowful, the words indistinguishable. Yet stillContinue reading “The Duty of The Sirens”