Life in your eyes

Running with life in your eyes, it’s dangerous. You never know who wants to take that happiness from you. But they won’t use it well. They twist it, morph it – change it into something they can use. That pure happiness becomes burning rage, hate, anger. They can handle these with their poisoned hands andContinue reading “Life in your eyes”

Beauty in damnation

There is beauty in damnation. The purity of corruption and the childishness of sin. Looking for the next problem to pull ourselves closer to the darkness. Closer to home. Vanity is beauty Damnation is pride The two are so closely linked that they are often intertwined. One was the fallen Icarus. The other shining Narcissus.Continue reading “Beauty in damnation”

The Morning After

Urgh. My head is murder. Is this a hangover? Dull throbbing? Check. The fading desire to upchuck? There it is. Bad decisions? Probably. What even happened last night? Oh God I kissed Denise. Like full on snogged the girl from Chemistry class. The one Nigel called dibs on. Good going me. Yeah, kiss the girlContinue reading “The Morning After”