The Morning After

My head is murder. Is this a hangover?
Dull throbbing? Check. The fading desire to upchuck? There it is. Bad decisions? Probably. What even happened last night?
Oh God I kissed Denise.
Like full on snogged the girl from Chemistry class. The one Nigel called dibs on. Good going me. Yeah, kiss the girl that your buddy has been fantasising about for months.
You could’ve just told him she’s gay, didn’t need to lock lips to prove it. I think he shouted at me, cancelled our friendship and stormed off home. Why didn’t you stop him? Oh yeah, he’s a toxic man. Misogynist is the correct term. Why was I friends with him again?
But still, not cool Rowan. Not cool.
She did technically kiss you back though. Now that was interesting. Was she even tipsy? I don’t think so.
Maybe this could be investigated further tomorrow. Shit, tomorrow’s Sunday, I won’t see her. Monday then. Yeah. We have double chem in the morning and Ms Green doesn’t give a shit if you’re paying attention. That’s what I’ll do then. But first thing, water. Double vodkas and cheap whisky do not mix, no matter how much Henry from math tells you it’s ‘the good shit though’.
Never drinking again. Never.
I mean I know I said this last house party but I mean it this time. I need water and a greasy fry up pronto. Fuck my head is killing me. How much did I even drink. Oh God Justine pulled me into another chug war didn’t she. I need to stop being so gullible. Urgh.
Do I have water or coffee? Which one do they say is better? Shit. Ms Green might not care but if I’m still fucked at college but Mr Hennyson may kill me. Fuck.
Does Denise fancy me?
I don’t have the brain power for this.
Kettle, kettle, kettle. Found it. Coffee it is then. Do I try the stove? Fuck nope. Takeout it is. Does the cafe order? Yup. Wonderful, full fry up delivered to the door. What a world we live in.
Do I fancy Denise? I mean, she’s pretty hot. But do I fancy her though. I’m leaning towards yes. Great. I have a crush on Denise.
Just what I need before exams. Feelings.
Ah coffee, the sweet nectar of life. Now to wait for food. And figure out how to date Denise. Wow I jumped the gun a little. Did I? Do I want to date her? Probably. Honestly she’s smart, sweet and super hot. Damn. How have I not seen that before. I don’t do the goo goo eyes in class do I?
I need to text Justine.
Ah that was fast. Apparently I do the goo goo eyes. And everyone knows.
Does Denise know then? Another yes. Fan-fucking-tastic. Well I guess I’m going after Denise. On Monday. In chemistry. Fuck.
Thank you Susie and your incessant need to drown yourself in legal poison.
Now to grab myself a date I guess.
Oh boy.

Published by Hannah Rachel

I am a Writer from the North West of England with a passion for books, writing, art and everything creative.

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