Captain Pinore/ St Jurica/ Homosapien Analysis: Stardates  8888 – 9907

The world continues turning on its axis as it always did. As it always will. The hum of humanity continues to buzz on the ground below as it always did. As it still does. But the hum is dimmer than it once was on Earth. The penetrating cacophony of the human race has expanded around the galaxy and now the gibbering of these lingual apes can be found on many a planet. Looting, destroying, conquering; they never learn. Their origins of invasion and corruption follow them through the deep expanse of space and, though they may seem friendly to some, many quake at the name of humanity. They attack one another and now they have found other life, they find reason to fight with the others too. Hating and fearing those not like them, they are feared, and so this life which some merely wish to study and document, hide so to avoid violence. 

We are running out of places to hide, even in the expanse of space; the hate of humanity reaches too far and too wide. We must protect what we have; our way of life, our culture, our lives. We do not taint them all with the same brush, of course we are not that shallow, but our sense of safety is stronger than our desire to not insult. We give them no reason for anger or fear. We allow their trade as to strengthen their trust in us. But we do not know how long this will last. How long will it take for them to snap, to show that violent nature that they are so well known for? But with the humans that we communicate, that has thankfully not happened yet, maybe be we met the best of the worst. We are still wary, but more at ease. The ports thrive with an amalgamation of races; our people make friends with the visiting humans, trade numbers, form relationships. We hope that times are changing, that they are learning. They send in peacekeepers to check that their species are not causing unnecessary trouble and, for the most part, they are behaved. 

The humans have started wiping themselves out again. The other planets, they go into hiding as the travellers return to Earth for, what will become their final battle. The war lasts over 100 years and now there are few left. The peaceful ones who did not wish to fight, who remained on their host planets and avoided the war; they survived. Maybe this is their form of natural selection. Wiping out the ones who wished others harm and leaving those who wished for nothing but peace. Soon, those who had abstained from fighting slowly die of old age and human ailments. 

The human race is extinct as we know it, and the universe is a safer place for it. People miss their specific human comrades but know that it is for the best. No more unnecessary wars. No more aggressive armadas. However they have left behind their beauty. Earth is an exquisite planet that has finally been given room to breathe and grow now its bulk population has gone. Creatures previously thought to be extinct have come out of hiding and large buildings filled with all of the paintings, writings and music that they have left behind, are now exhibited in honour of their fallen creators. 

We remember the humans in a positive light now that they have gone; we forgive them for their mountains of misdeeds. For we have had time to grieve, and is no real value in hating the dead. 

Published by Hannah Rachel

I am a Writer from the North West of England with a passion for books, writing, art and everything creative.

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