Let me live this lie

Look me in the eye and tell me everything will be okay. I don’t care if it’s a lie. I don’t care that the world is crumbling around us. I just want to hear you say it. We’re going to be okay. If I don’t hear it, I cannot fight. And I refuse to goContinue reading “Let me live this lie”

The Siren

The beeping was intense; she couldn’t open her eyes from the pain. One, two, three minutes later, just as she thought her head was going to explode, it stopped. She almost preferred the siren. Eerie silence rang out in the room and down the ward. Easing herself upright, she stood from her bed on shakyContinue reading “The Siren”


Captain Pinore/ St Jurica/ Homosapien Analysis: Stardates  8888 – 9907  56-98-8888 The world continues turning on its axis as it always did. As it always will. The hum of humanity continues to buzz on the ground below as it always did. As it still does. But the hum is dimmer than it once was onContinue reading “Extinction”