She was drifting away from me again. Her voice; her face; her memory. They were fading rapidly. I clung onto them in desperation. I had promised her that I wouldn’t forget her but her image was blurring around the edges, memories slipping through my finger. I almost didn’t recognise the girl that looked at meContinue reading “Memory”

Wind Blows Cold

Do you know why the wind blows cold? It is to give you its warning. It is no longer safe here, it cries. Move along to the next town, city, country. There you will find haven. But not here. Not any more. The wind blows cold to protect you as you journey along. It keepsContinue reading “Wind Blows Cold”

We ran through the trees

 We ran together through the trees. So far away from everything that could cause us harm, we were free. There were no parents to call us home for tea, no bullies to steal our pencil cases. Just the trees, the wind, you and me. It was perfect. Sitting by the old oak in the centreContinue reading “We ran through the trees”

The King Sleeps

He was asleep. It happened so suddenly and it didn’t seem like him waking would ever occur. So there he sat. And there he slept. As the world turned and wars surged, he slept. He slept through the births and deaths of legendary heroes, artists, scientists. He missed the rise and fall of many aContinue reading “The King Sleeps”