Dream of clear skies Dream of daisies Dream of the field of happiness that never ends  Let the dream of light and hope wash over you Cling onto it in your darkest moments Let it remind you that times were bright once And they will be again Let the smell of roses and wildflowers fillContinue reading “Dream”

The Shuttle Hanger

The shuttle hanger loomed over the river. A hideous stain on the land of their fathers, her mother had remarked. But Lila had always felt drawn to it because of one main reason. All the bodies of metal within the hanger’s walls had been in space at least once.  They had visited the stars.  LilaContinue reading “The Shuttle Hanger”

Wind Blows Cold

Do you know why the wind blows cold? It is to give you its warning. It is no longer safe here, it cries. Move along to the next town, city, country. There you will find haven. But not here. Not any more. The wind blows cold to protect you as you journey along. It keepsContinue reading “Wind Blows Cold”

Little Bird

  Little bird – you sit there and watch me, day and night. Each day I test my little theory that you’re there to watch only me. Pacing across the room, to and fro; others do the same without prompt. Your tiny black eyes follow me alone, ignoring the rest. I’ve read about similar thingsContinue reading “Little Bird”