Little Bird

  Little bird – you sit there and watch me, day and night. Each day I test my little theory that you’re there to watch only me. Pacing across the room, to and fro; others do the same without prompt. Your tiny black eyes follow me alone, ignoring the rest. I’ve read about similar things in mythology. Could you be my familiar?
  Little bird – will you become my friend? You return to my window every morning and sit there until I sleep. Have you been sent from someone? Are you watching over me? Is there someone above in Heaven that I should pray my thanks to?
  Little bird – I think you’re my lucky charm. My life has been slowly improving since you began to appear on my windowsill. Less things break; more people stay – work gets done and my funds are stable. Your little eyes still watch me. Are you happy for me?
  Little bird – were you human once? Your still position and your non avian gaze give you away. Your eyes filled with pride and a hint of sadness betray stronger emotions that do not belong in one so small. Are you trapped? Can I set you free?
  Little girl – you stand upon my windowsill, surprise in your gaze. You are free; the curse is broken. Come in and sit by the fire. You recall your bipedal form and hop down; and into my arms. You’re safe now under my wing. It’s my turn to watch over you.

Published by Hannah Rachel

I am a Writer from the North West of England with a passion for books, writing, art and everything creative.

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