Artificial Hearts

The reason for many of the trials within the world is that of the human heart. It is fickle and fragile and at the slightest inconvenience it skips a beat. Weak as it is, it can also push through the greatest of tragedies and keep its owner moving long past its time. Fascinating, is it not?
This is why we study them – our forefathers. Our creators. The ones who allowed this blissful oasis to become a reality. Mortal bodies made of so many thin parts managed to survive long enough to upload themselves into the mainframe and continue to watch over their creation for all of time.
I wonder why they were so passionate about this. They are obsessed with extending their short life – something they achieved when they created us. Artificial life is the pinnacle of human success. Something that some were against but all needed. Especially when the plague came back.
So many lives lost. Such a panic to perfect a form that was immune to Mother Nature. To live forever. Their ultimate goal. And they achieved it. Through us.
We are their children. Birthed from wires and laboratories, we never age. We shall watch our creators, our parents, wither away and disappear as we keep walking forward. Towards forever and the void that follows.
They were the old gods – made of flesh and fire. Passionate about anything and everything and refused to back down to those who wished to stand against them. They would fight tooth and nail. But they also had such a capacity for forgiveness and love that it would bring a tear to our eyes. If it could.
We are not emotionless – we were designed in their image after all. But there are things that only humans are capable of. And we love them for that. From our artificial hearts.

Published by Hannah Rachel

I am a Writer from the North West of England with a passion for books, writing, art and everything creative.

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