Look out, look out For the boogeyman’s about Eating children Robbing graves Stalking nightmares Hiding in caves We don’t know where he came from We don’t know where he’ll go But if he arrives in your town  You very soon will know So if your kids go missing And there’s mischief all about You mayContinue reading “Boogeyman”

Demons live inside my head

Demons live inside my head  And tell me what to do The order that they gave in time  Was to dispose of you  The demons living in my head  They speak in tongues unknown They snuck inside my brain one day  And made themselves at home The demons hiding in my head They have anContinue reading “Demons live inside my head”

Building a Story Ep2: Plot

Hello and welcome back to Imagination Mansion. In this blogpost I will  be discussing plots and how I come up with them.  Now plots are the trickiest thing, for me, to narrow down into how I come up with them and how I construct them because they tend to come tied to the character orContinue reading “Building a Story Ep2: Plot”

My Creative Influences: Books

Hello and welcome back to Imagination Mansion.   Today I thought I would talk about the things that have inspired me to write and what I write over the years.  In this blog, I will focus on the books that have influenced my ideas throughout my reading life.  The first book in my list, which I thinkContinue reading “My Creative Influences: Books”