Two Sides

Why is love pain? I have never understood this phrase. Why do people chase something, a concept, that would cause them so much hurt and sadness? Who would be worth such a negative experience? I asked myself this for many years. Then I saw the other side; the hugs, the cute messages when you wake up, the whispered ‘I love you’s and the way that the sun seems to rise in their eyes. Love is painful, love is sadness. However, love is also happiness, excitement and contentment. Love is what you make it and what it makes of you. If used and abused, it hurts and cries out. If nurtured and kissed, it calms and protects. Both good and bad can be found within every love. The romantic, the sexual, the familial, the platonic; all of these can enhance lives or strip them to nothing. Love is a lucky dip where nobody knows where they will end up even a month down the line. Hope is the best friend of love. For what we all go through, hope has to be on our side sometimes, right?

Published by Hannah Rachel

I am a Writer from the North West of England with a passion for books, writing, art and everything creative.

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