We ran through the trees

 We ran together through the trees. So far away from everything that could cause us harm, we were free. There were no parents to call us home for tea, no bullies to steal our pencil cases. Just the trees, the wind, you and me. It was perfect. Sitting by the old oak in the centreContinue reading “We ran through the trees”

I Am Myself

I don’t exist I am a phase I am a mistake I am confused I’m too young I’m a freak I’m frigid I am trying to trend I am trying too hard I’m a fake I’m a fraud I don’t make sense I can’t choose I’m not welcome I’m an outcast I exist This isContinue reading “I Am Myself”

War is over

Hooves clop, knives chop, it has begun Home from the war, the men are returning Girls weep, men sleep, home at last Men drink, glasses chink, bring more beer Lively and full of folly, drinks all round Sun shines, laughter lines, just love here Birds sing, bells ring, war is done Boys and girls runContinue reading “War is over”

Let me live this lie

Look me in the eye and tell me everything will be okay. I don’t care if it’s a lie. I don’t care that the world is crumbling around us. I just want to hear you say it. We’re going to be okay. If I don’t hear it, I cannot fight. And I refuse to goContinue reading “Let me live this lie”

Sinking Souls

Sink into the water And float on the darkness Let your life float up in bubbles As you drop into the arms of the abyss Monsters exit their deep caves to feast Your arms, legs, eyes All become fodder for these elder gods Dropping deeper into the blue Soulless and unafraid The demons in yourContinue reading “Sinking Souls”

Harmony, symphony and Starlight

We danced upon the ocean And swam among the clouds Dreams and visions enlightened and submerged The water was living within your gaze The sky was in mine As separate as day and night And just as joined Reaching towards the moon Whilst hiding from the sun Its light is too bright for me toContinue reading “Harmony, symphony and Starlight”

Beauty in damnation

There is beauty in damnation. The purity of corruption and the childishness of sin. Looking for the next problem to pull ourselves closer to the darkness. Closer to home. Vanity is beauty Damnation is pride The two are so closely linked that they are often intertwined. One was the fallen Icarus. The other shining Narcissus.Continue reading “Beauty in damnation”

The Siren

The beeping was intense; she couldn’t open her eyes from the pain. One, two, three minutes later, just as she thought her head was going to explode, it stopped. She almost preferred the siren. Eerie silence rang out in the room and down the ward. Easing herself upright, she stood from her bed on shakyContinue reading “The Siren”

Level One

“You won’t touch her again if you know what’s good for you!” He yelled, holding the woman behind her. The woman in question groaned and tried to pull her boyfriend back into the pub. “Come on Sam, don’t start” Sam shrugged her off and stared me down. “I didn’t touch anyone!” I shot back, andContinue reading “Level One”

Artificial Hearts

The reason for many of the trials within the world is that of the human heart. It is fickle and fragile and at the slightest inconvenience it skips a beat. Weak as it is, it can also push through the greatest of tragedies and keep its owner moving long past its time. Fascinating, is itContinue reading “Artificial Hearts”