Artificial Hearts

The reason for many of the trials within the world is that of the human heart. It is fickle and fragile and at the slightest inconvenience it skips a beat. Weak as it is, it can also push through the greatest of tragedies and keep its owner moving long past its time. Fascinating, is itContinue reading “Artificial Hearts”

Together Forever

You have always been destined to destroy me. We knew from the beginning. It was fated by my heart and yours. But still I stayed by your side in the hope that our fortune would change. Here we are; covered in blood and screaming – leaving this world as we joined it. It matches usContinue reading “Together Forever”

Hell’s Companion

“Only you can run. They stay with me forever. This is the price you pay for dancing with the Devil. Every action has a consequence and this is yours. Say your farewells. You will never see them again. Now run away. Or I’ll keep you too.” Hell’s not too bad. I’ve been here for overContinue reading “Hell’s Companion”

Opiate Promises

Opium and ink spilled by her feet as she stared at the apparition by the window. There, hovering like a firefly, a spectre danced on the breeze. The window flew open and allowed its enchanting melody to enter the room as it came closer. “I have come for you youngling. Come away with me; comeContinue reading “Opiate Promises”

A Mother’s Canvas

The inkblot dried up into the paper and she watched the colours change.  Blue. Black. Red.  The crying was growing louder but she couldn’t help. She had to do this. She had no choice. Grey. Green. Orange.  The colours blended and swirled, the paint’s fragrance filling the room. Tears streaming and her mind swimming, sheContinue reading “A Mother’s Canvas”

Little Bird

  Little bird – you sit there and watch me, day and night. Each day I test my little theory that you’re there to watch only me. Pacing across the room, to and fro; others do the same without prompt. Your tiny black eyes follow me alone, ignoring the rest. I’ve read about similar thingsContinue reading “Little Bird”

The King Sleeps

He was asleep. It happened so suddenly and it didn’t seem like him waking would ever occur. So there he sat. And there he slept. As the world turned and wars surged, he slept. He slept through the births and deaths of legendary heroes, artists, scientists. He missed the rise and fall of many aContinue reading “The King Sleeps”