The Beauty of Mourning

The girl looked at me. She was scared and I could understand. She had belittled me, though accidentally, and she expected the violence and anger that most of the male sex would respond with. I did not believe in hitting woman, in hitting anyone for that matter, especially for a twist of the tongue. SoContinue reading “The Beauty of Mourning”

A Broken World

Humanity has fallenTragedy has risen up strongHow many more need to be sacrificed To the monster who is misunderstanding What cost will be high enough To stop the pain and the hatred There seems to be no end to the terror Hidden within the human heart What will be the turning point To heal theContinue reading “A Broken World”

The Ultimate Regret

The cell was empty. Except for the chair. The walls were white and bare; the floor metal and stained, a singular bulb hanging from the ceiling. Air circulated around the room with a strong stench of sweat and petrol, filtering out of the small window that led onto the motorway. A dull thrum of theContinue reading “The Ultimate Regret”

Power of the Youth

You hate it while you’re there And want it back once it’s gone Forgetting the little details Remembering the good Look back with a clearer view Take off the rose-tinted glasses There was a reason why you wanted to leave Nobody would listen Nobody cared Secluded and forgotten by the ones with the strongest voicesContinue reading “Power of the Youth”

The Weeping Willow

There was a light at my window. A flickering, fluttering light and it drew me to it. Throwing off my blanket, I ran lightly to the window. With this closer angle, I noted that it wasn’t merely a light. There, fluttering at my window was a small girl with glowing wings; a faerie or pixie. It beckoned meContinue reading “The Weeping Willow”